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The desire for a happy and harmonious world was awakened in me at a young age. My childhood was exactly the opposite and the pursuit of peace and harmony was a wonderful catalyst that gives me strength to this day.

The many years in the corporate world, driven by constant time pressure, reinforced the need for balance and so I immersed myself in the world of wellness. Progressive muscle relaxation, guided relaxation trips, body awareness exercises, visualizations, breathing exercises, mindfulness and mental training found their way into my life and fascinated by the effects I stayed on the path.

In summer 2018 I was allowed to discover the world through new eyes. My first awakening allowed me to become aware of the essence of the human being and to recognize my true nature. Since that day my focus has been on awakening and mastering the inner world.

Only when we master our thoughts and emotions are we really free.

Passing on this gift is my life's work. Serenity, ease and relaxation my best teachers.

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